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Learn more about ADHD from Greta Gerwig, the director of Barbie

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    Gerwig opened up about her diagnosis — which can lead to impulsive behaviour and trouble concentrating — in a new interview with the Guardian, revealing she always had a lot of energy as a child, but she didn’t get diagnosed until she was an adult.

    “(At school I) had a ton of energy. Now, as an adult, I have ADHD — they diagnosed me. But as a kid, my mum was like: ‘Let’s sign her up for every activity. Let’s tire her out.’ I’ve always had a tremendous amount of enthusiasm,” she told the newspaper. “I was just interested in, like, everything. I had a really active imagination. I had a lot of really deep feelings. I was emotional.”

    The 39-year-old director is mom to two kids with her partner and collaborator Noah Baumbach, and she says that her eldest son has inherited her love of “high drama“.

    “Occasionally he’ll have these moments of high drama. He’ll fall to the floor. He did this the other day. I wasn’t able to make him breakfast instantly, because I was feeding my three-month-old, and he fell to the floor, weeping, and said: ‘I’m having a sorely trying day. It’s already a problem,'” she explained.

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    She added, “I was like: ‘Oh, such drama’. But also, like: ‘Oh, that’s from me.’ That’s my level of grandiose.”

    What is ADHD?

    adhd Over 365 million worldwide are thought to have ADHD. (Source: Freepik)

    According to Vishnu Priya Bhagirath, a counselling psychologist, ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that typically manifests in childhood and can persist into adulthood. Individuals with ADHD often experience challenges with attention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity, which can impact their daily functioning and relationships.

    Explaining the causes behind the condition, the psychologist said that research suggests that individuals with ADHD may have differences in brain structure and functioning, particularly in regions related to attention and impulse control. “Genetic factors play a significant role, as ADHD tends to run in families. Certain genes related to dopamine regulation and neurotransmitter functioning are believed to contribute to the development of ADHD. Environmental factors such as prenatal exposure to toxins, premature birth, low birth weight, and early childhood adversity may also increase the risk of developing ADHD,” she added.

    As for treatment, she explained that ADHD can be effectively treated using a multimodal approach that combines various strategies. “Treatment options typically include a combination of behavioral interventions, counselling, and, in some cases, medication. The treatment plan should be tailored to the individual’s specific needs and may also involve collaboration with parents, teachers, and other support systems to create a consistent and supportive environment.”

    While ADHD cannot be entirely prevented, there are some strategies that may help reduce the risk or mitigate the severity of symptoms. Listed below are some steps that can be taken:

    *Creating a supportive and structured environment for children, with consistent routines and clear expectations, can promote healthy development.

    *Encouraging regular physical activity and providing outlets for excess energy can be beneficial.

    *Limiting exposure to environmental toxins during pregnancy and early childhood is important.

    *Promoting healthy sleep habits, a nutritious diet, and minimizing excessive screen time can also support overall well-being.

    *Fostering positive parent-child relationships, open communication, and emotional resilience can contribute to a child’s healthy development.

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