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Marvel Snap: Tien beste kaarten voor een Loki Deck


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  • Marvel Snap is a game with small decks, making combo decks the norm.
  • Loki is a combo stealer, changing every card in your hand to your opponent's cards at a discounted cost.
  • Other cards like Mirage, America Chavez, Cable, Kitty Pryde, Angela, Moon Girl, Devil Dinosaur, Snowguard, Quinjet, and The Collector complement Loki's abilities and enhance gameplay.

Marvel Snap is a game with very small decks. As such, combo decks are the norm, since getting each piece of the combo is close to guaranteed. In fact, combos have been getting more daring, with decks reliant on getting a specific card on a specific turn, like Mr Negative ones.

Marvel Snap Cards Mystique, Cerebro, Bast


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Loki, then, is essentially a combo stealer. Once played, he’ll change every card in your hand for ones that were originally in your opponent’s deck, except they’ll be discounted by one. With a big enough hand, you could end up playing your opponent’s own combo in a single turn.

10 Mirage

Marvel Snap Card Mirage

While much less powerful than Loki, Mirage serves more of the same purpose; using your opponent’s tools against them. Yet in the case of Mirage, it’ll only be one card, the smallest in cost, and with one more power instead of a cost reduction.

Normally, with Mirage you get double value: a powerful card for the cost and information. The information is usually the biggest part; if you get a four cost, you can get an idea of how heavy their deck might be. With Loki, even if you don’t get anything useful it can always become fodder for transforming into something else.

9 America Chavez

Marvel Snap Card America Chavez

The home of America is always in decks that need a specific card early. Unless you’re playing ramp, you definitely don’t want her on decks that rely on six drops, since you’re losing a valuable draw on the final turn. Yet for other combo decks, she’s a must-have.

Decks are already small enough, so reducing the draw pool by one card adds a lot of consistency to your plays. Drawing your combo on the final turn might as well be a retreat, and no combo needs all twelve cards. With Loki, it’s not only him you need, you also need to add cards to your hand for him to work.

8 Cable

Marvel Snap Card Cable

Cable has undergone a lot of changes during the time Marvel Snap’s been live, yet what he was waiting for was a card that could really use his abilities. The thing with Cable is that you rarely have a use for the card you steal, other than the information it gives you and of course the fact that your opponent won’t have that card.

With Loki, every aspect of Cable is far more useful. Even when gathering information, you can learn if you even want to play Loki, since their deck might not be strong enough in a single turn, or you might not be aware of how to play it.

7 Kitty Pryde

Marvel Snap Card Kitty Pryde

While she might not seem like the best fit for Loki, Kitty actually gives the deck a lot of versatility. First off, a turn one Kitty play won’t immediately give your entire deck away, as would be the case with an X-23 play. Plus if you don’t draw Loki, you can always count on a big Kitty as a reliable final play.

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When planning a play alongside Loki, it really depends on how the match is going. You don’t usually want to play Loki on turn three anyway, unless you have a big enough hand. Turn four is the sweet spot, and then you can also play Kitty to still take advantage of her ability.

6 Angela

Marvel Snap Card Angela

While Angela won’t grow as much in a Loki deck as she might in a Silk deck, she can still be a great addition. The whole point of the deck is to play discounted cards, meaning you can easily fill out her location to get her to high enough power. Always leave at least one slot open for the final plays, unless you expect some sort of lock down from your opponent.

With the addition of cards like Kitty, getting Angela to the sweet spot of eight tends to be guaranteed. There are times when you can get her to even higher power, but be careful, since Shang-Chi is as popular as he ever was.

5 Moon Girl

Marvel Snap Card Moon Girl

Usually used to just copy Devil Dinosaur, a Moon Girl into Loki can be a great winning plan, since there are very few other ways of getting a full hand before playing the trickster god. And with a build including Chavez, you don’t really mind not drawing at turn five since that was your last draw, unless Loki isn’t in hand.

Just copying the Dino is still a winning move, but not on its own; nowadays, you need more of a board and ways to avoid counter cards in order for that to work. But with good locations sometimes that won’t be needed, just keep track if the turn after Moon Girl is one you’d want to draw something.

4 Devil Dinosaur

Marvel Snap Card Devil Dinosaur

The king of big hands, Devil Dinosaur is at home in a Loki deck since both cards look to have a lot of cards on hand. With so much card generation, there’ll be plenty of times when you won’t be able to play it all, yet a single Dino can make use of all that power.

Marvel Snap Cards Spider-Man Kingpin Stegron


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You will have to plan your final turn accordingly, since Loki aims to play all the discounted cards but with Dino in play that might mean less power than you’d think. Just do the math before you play, and with a proper order you might even be able to dodge a Shang-Chi before boosting your Dino again.

3 Snowguard

Marvel Snap Card Snowguard

Few cards have had more of a redemption arc than Snowguard, an unplayable card by any metric that after a single patch became incredibly powerful. Now, Snowguard adds the spirit animals to your hand once you play her, letting you use their effects at your leisure.

On its own, Snowguard is powerful but not meta defining. She relies too much on being able to make use of locations and their text. Yet in a Loki deck, you always have a use for the animals, both for him and for Dino. That makes Snowguard a better Coulson, particularly when you don’t plan on using the generated cards.

2 Quinjet

Marvel Snap Card Quinjet

Anyone that has played a deck made entirely of Agents of Shield cards knows that it can only work thanks to Quinjet. Randomly generated cards are great fun, but unusable without a plan; a discount that allows you to do unthinkable combos is a great plan.

If Quinjet already works great with random cards, imagine what it can do with the Loki generated ones; they already come discounted, and your opponent chose these cards for a reason. This is what makes Loki such a cube stealer, since you can change the board state in a single turn, thanks to all those discounts.

1 The Collector

Marvel Snap Card The Collector

While playing your opponent’s cards is all well and good, you won’t always have a use for what they’re playing. A card that can use those cards no matter what is The Collector, a card that became such a powerhouse thanks to Loki that it had to be nerfed.

Yet that Nerf might as well not have happened, since The Collector continues to be a powerhouse. He gives meaning to a Loki play on turn Six, since no other card can make use of his ability at that point. And if you have double Loki thanks to Moon Girl, that’s a lot of power you can add to a single location.

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